Balika Vadhu ,on Ramp & And Celebrates Childrens Day

Balika Vadhu - Anandi ,on Ramp &Jagdish And Anandi Celebrates Childrens DayChildrens Day

Boogie Woogie

An ideal platform to showcase ,dacing & launch new talent across the nation from all backgrounds,age groups,genders and cities.boogie woogie is the best going on serial this dancing serial has reached his 11 years .boogie woogie judges are Naved,Javed,Ravi. While watching boogie woogie you can also having fun about ravi, javed, naved funny commentsThe original dance show, only one of its kind, to hit Indian Television, Sansui Boogie Woogie, recently completed 10 glorious years. The dance show, that continues to rock the small screen with its undying energy, enthusiasm and great dancing, has over the years entertained and enthralled viewers who are now addicted to this show. Brainchild of the inimitable trio of Jaaved Jaffery, Naved Jaffery & Ravi Behl, over the years Sansui Boogie Woogie has become a platform to showcase talent ...

Jai Shri Krishna

Jai Shri Krishna -‘Jai Shri Krishna’ is the joyful story of God Krishna’s childhood adventures. A multi-layered, magnificent epic tale of this universal God will trace natkhat gopal’s journey from his birth under dire circumstances to being taken to Gokul and being nurtured by his surrogate mother Yashoda. The story of this ‘Murli Manohar’ transcends across all age groups with his mischievous yet, sweet and playful actions compelling the Gopis of Gokul to designate him as ‘Makhan Chor’. It chronicles the growing up years of the Krishna in Gokul and traverses his tales in Mathura wherein he brings to task his evil uncle Kans and his sinister designs.
A multi -layered,magnifivicent epic tale of god krishna that rraces the journey from his birth under dire circumstances to being taken to gokul and being nurtured by his surrogate mother yashoda .watch jai shri krishna get connected to lord .feel the cuteness of krishna...

Lo Ho Gaye Pooja Iss Ghar Ki

Lo Ho Gaye Pooja Iss Ghar Ki

Are You Bored With Saas Bahu Serial Tune in to Family drama serial .Small town girl,Pooja with drams to become a singer runs away from the home and enters a mumbai home posing as a cook.this results in a sequence of comic mayhem and complete confusion. this serial pooja also worked in childhood at film kuch kuch hota hai shahrukh khan daughter (anjali)..

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chahmah

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chahmah
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chahmah Comedy Show the Story around of a housing society,who face common real life challenges.however,they find simples solutions and the underlying message is to keep positive to life tarak mehta character is done by salesh also a contestant of comedy circus.

Aathvaan Vachan

Aathvaan Vachan
a hearthwarming story of young urmi and the chaenges she has to face in life . urmi who is bubbly,cute,innocent,energergetic and curious and is all of 18 with mental ability of an 8 year-old.the problems are faced by her sister manali.the very sweet new serial.
Saat Vachno se Bhi Bdaa Ek Vachan

MTV Wassup

Get your daily dose of ‘taza khabhar’ on the fresh, cool and instant 8-10 minute news bulletin, daily from MTV’s newest brigade Gurbani Judge, Ayushmann Khurrana and Archana Jani from Mumbai, Parul Choudhary and Vineet Modi from Delhi and Soumya Ganesh from Bangalore who will keep you updated on the news that you can use, in a language you can use, in the format you can use only on Pepsi & MTV Wassup!

Don’t miss daily segments like ‘Rightbackatcha’ which covers national / international or local happenings with young consumers across cities commenting on these issues in their own unabashed manner. ‘The Big Dope’ is a feature on youth and info-tainment. ‘Wat say Youngistan’ is a daily poll conducted on topics that impacts, affects, concerns or irritates the youth and finally get updated on the all the bakwaas news of the week with ‘WTF’

Get your fill on global happenings with weekly segments like ‘WWW (Wassup Worldwide)’, ‘E – Goss’ features apna Bollywood or Indian entertainment news. Catch MTV’s unique take on Hindi and English movie reviews with ‘My Take’ and be in on all the hottest events across the country and get to know the hottest new gadgets with ‘Wassapenin’!

Don’t conform. Change. Be the change with ‘Youngistaan Times’ a weekly segment that gives citizens of youngistaan a chance to contribute their own news. Write in to . If it’s truly news worthy it will be put on air with a credit to the viewer!

anchor :Ayushman,Bani j


F.I.R presents to you a female inspector and her funny sub-inspector trying to solve cases. Their sincere attempts to crack the mysteries are hilarious and worth a hearty laugh. The sitcom is set in a Police Station where constables indulge in amazing antics. A space you must visit to experience an amusing and entertaining comedy.
A take on the antics of a female inspector and her funny sub-inspector who in their sincere attempts,try and solve worth while cases

Dil Mil Gayye

Sanjivani Next Season Dil Mil Gayye
Set in backdrop of a hospital - sanjivani,"Dil Mil Gayye"deals with the pressures the drama,the romance,the inter personal relationship and humour in the lives of five young inturns Dr Arman,Dr Rahul,Dr Atul,Dr Ridhima,Dr Anjali,Dr Muskaan...
Mbbs Se HAtke lovologt Mai Atke....

Mata Ki Chowki

The Story of Vaishnavi ,an orphan brought up by a temple priest of vaishno devi shrine.the story unfolds the trials & tribulation of vaishnavi,an ardent believer of MAA VAISHNO DEVI.Mata ki Chowki will take you on a journey that will reveal many true faces of our modern society. A society that doesn’t fear God, and atrocities and unfairness are in abundance. But then there are people like Vaishnavi, a great devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi, is out there in our society to make a difference.

Mata ki Chowki is a story of a girl called Vaishnavi, an adopted child of Pandit Vidyasagar and his wife Shraddha. After two years, her mother, Shraddha, dies giving birth to her own child Sunakshi.

From the early age of six, Vaishnavi develops immense interest and faith in “Ma Vaishno Devi”. She starts showing signs of being a super-normal child. She preaches about Mata, sings Jagrata, motivates people to follow Mata and rescues people from pain and misery.

Comedy Circus

A comedy show where one will see 8 tv artist and 8 comedians Comedy Circus 2 is a comedy show that started its second season on sony tv april 26 2008. The show brings together celebrities to perform with professional comedian partners on a highly competitive stage. The show will see popular television actors performing stand–up comedy front of the live audiences.1st comedy circus winner ali kashif,2 comedy circus winner Vip & Juhi

Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu veru sensitively portrays the plight of children who are unwittingly forced into marriage in the name of tradition,have to bear the repercussions for their lives..Set in rural Rajasthan, ‘Balika Vadhu’ traces the arduous journey of child bride Anandi from the brink of childhood to womanhood. Married at the tender age of eight, to an equally young Jagdish, she enters a new world which is at once alienating and confusing. and torn away from the merriment of childhood and her family, she has to accept and accustom herself to this new family of strangers, new relationships and accept her roles as a friend, lover, wife and a mother as she forges her way in the world.

‘Balika Vadhu’ very sensitively portrays the plight of children who are unwittingly forced into marriage, in the name of tradition, and have to bear the repercussions for the rest of their lives.

Ugesh Sarcar 3rd degree

Ugesh Sarcar 3rd degree is a street magic show hat takes the art of magic in india to a new features Ugesh Sarcar weaving magic on screen,converting the streests into his stage people shock after seeng his tricks the 1st street magician in india

The Great Indian Laughter Challange

The Great Indian Laughter Challange there will be loads of fresh comic talent.shatrughan sinha along with navjot singh sidhu will be the parizad 1st The Great Indian Laughter Challange winner sunil pal 2nd The Great Indian Laughter Challange winner rauf lala 3rd The Great Indian Laughter Challange winner kapil sharma 4th The Great Indian Laughter Challange winner suresh albela ..this show is the first & best comedy show ...

bindass dadagiri

Bindass Dadagiri is a game show,which givesfour contestants a chance to relive the first day of their collage life bu surviving 3 quintessntial bullies in three rounds the three deadly bullies are vishal,esha,SharvanCampus ke bullies ko takkar de paogay? Socho, samjho before you shoot your mouth and risk your life. You’ll have to fight the meanest bullies ever - a mean, muscle flexing bhai, a snooty ‘goddess’ and a frighteningly intelligent geek.

If you can’t survive their cruel treatment, brace yourself for a ‘steamy’ date with the chef and his Lizard Lasagna. Now you know, why this is desh-ka meanest game show.

Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss Season 2 :Twelve Celebrities,along with hidden spy are placed inside bigg boss house for 12 weeks with only a suitcase og luggage and no access to domestiv help or stylists..lots of task,fights,nomination,politics many more fun..
monica bedi,debojeet saha,ehsaan,payal,rahul mahajan,raja,rakhi,sambhawna,zulfi,ashutosh