Rahul Mahajan Leves Bigg Boss...No Sorry

Rahul mahajan leaves bigg boss 2 after saturday issue all four contestants running out of bigg boss 2 and come back for the problems of food they all want to eat ready to eat food and bigg boss didnt give.after all that on Tuesday bigg boss asked all contestants that do you wanna regret or sorry for that mistake all the contestant ashutosh,raja,zulfi, say sorry about their mistakes and rahul dont think about mistake and did not feel sorry .after that bigg boss asked rahul if he want a vol entry exit of bigg boss and rahul mahajan leaves house on Tuesday 18 novembar .after leaving house the three contestant are very said and did not wanted rahul to leave house. now the finalist are in bigg boss jumbo finale .Raja ,Ashutosh ,Zulfi...View Videos